Worlds worst science project


When I was in 8th grade, the science teacher asked me to carry one of her little "projects" downstairs.

They were 4 jars of various colors, and they were filled with vinegar and some kind of mold-cultures. She opened the lid of one of them before I took them down, and I thought I was going to hurl from the stench. The stuff had been in there for a month.

Anyway, as I was carrying them down the stairs ever-so-carefully, something startled me and I dropped one of the jars. It busted on the stairs and STUNK so bad! I went to take a step over to the side in order to try and pull all of the broken glass over with my shoe, but instead I slipped in the mess, landed in it, fell and continued tumbling down the 2 flights of stairs.

It was SO embarrassing, but the worst part was that I had broken my ankle.