What comes around...


I work construction and my Boss is a real Hottie. One day I was following him about 3 feet behind, across a patch of lawn when he fell in a hole that another company had left covered with a simple piece of cardboard. He was okay but I laughed myself silly at him.

The next day at work, out of the corner of my eye I witnessed a pavement supervisor who seemed to be standing still, just loose his footing and fall flat on his face. Again I laughed at this guy for his clumsiness.

The next day (I should have seen it coming) I got into an argument with another woman I work with on how many days were in February, well I was running to my car to prove to her that there were only 28 except in a leap year, I didn't see the grade stake (painted bright orange) sticking out of the ground. Tripped on it and landed on my face.
Lucky for me my Boss had been moved to another site and didn't witness my stupidity!!
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