Stuck IN the school bus..


it's my first day of 9 grade, I'm walking on the bus (first girl on all guys ) any ways as I step on the bus driver shuts the door and cought my shirt in it. stupid me didn't even realize it until all of the guy started to laugh and whistle...I thought they where nuts.

Finally I realize that my shirt is stuck in the door so I try to rip it out and it don't come so I took my boyfriends gym shirt and sat down wanting to die.

if thats not bad enough, my ex boyfriend comes on the bus picks up the shirt and says "hey I recognize this" as he walks by, hands it to me and says "u missing something?" and takes a picture! gets worse. When the year book comes out I am flipping through it and see a blown up pic of it with a paragraph saying what had happened!!

That was 2 years ago - I still cant stare any one in that school in the eye.
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