Take caution in the crapper!


Okay, here's the scenerio....I was a strapping young lad of 18. I had just been hired on the spot at a local fast food chain located in the mall.

I went in, interviewed, and they gave me a uniform to put on and start right away. Needing the money I jumped at the chance to start immediately! I took the uniform and went into the men's restroom. In a hurry, and wanting to really impress them right off the bat I busted into the handicap stall to change my clothes. And guess what I found?!

The manager of the place which I was just hired at moments before sitting there taking a dump. I turned crimson red, made an expedient about face and booked like hell out of the restroom.

Needless to say I was far too embarrassed to go to work for the guy that I just witnesses squeezing out the mother load, so I quickly returned the uniform and left the mall rapidly. I didn't need money that badly!

Talk about getting to know your boss. Well, I knew more than I wanted to already and didn't even get punched in yet. Moral of the story....take caution in the crapper!!
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