Thong problems


I had just started a new job at a posh motel and was left alone to tend the front desk after a couple of days of training with a supervisor.

It was quiet, very few arrivals or departures, and I spent some time sitting behind the desk reading and browsing through the computer system.

When a guest finally arrived, I of course stood up to greet her and immediately felt my thong underwear sliding down under my dress pants. I waited for the guest to leave and then reached down the back of my pants to pull my thong back up. In doing so, I pulled them up too much and they got caught in the crack of my butt giving me a horrible wedgie. So I reached back down and pulled them loose. My thong gave me a fit all night and I continually had to reach down my pants and pull them back up.

The next day my supervisor called me into a security room that I had not seen before and showed me the monitor that was hooked to the hidden camera that recorded EVERYTHING going on behind the desk. I had been video taped pulling up my thongs time after time. My supervisor thought it was hilarious and my co-workers chipped in and bought me a pair of suspenders to help with my problem.
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