Embarrassing Mistakes Stories

Why I hate shopping

I hate shopping & one day my husband dragged me down to a store.

I was tired after work & mad. When we came out of the store he had the cart & had to go slow and stop to avoid anything falling out of the cart. I went & got into the car. I sat there waiting & waiting, thinking what's taking ...

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Splitting-ly funny

One hot day I went to the bank to withdraw some money to go shopping.

When you make out the withdeaw slips at the table your back is faceing the tellars { There were four of them, all woman).When i went to the tellar I notised they were eather smiling or giggleing.

Before I could...

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Whats all this fog?!

When we got married I only cooked simple things like spaghetti,macaroni and eggs...My husband was always bragging he was a better cook than me (which was true). Then came the day he had to cook...

I was a Girl Scout leader and had to take our daughter with her troop to an all day Jamboree. ...

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The Pee-a-whirl

Well, I was going out with this guy for a few months and things were getting pretty serious. This guy was real popular in our little town and he had allot of friends.

Summer is a big deal in Alaska, and everybody(and I do mean Everybody)goes to the state fair when it comes around. So me a...

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Showing off never works...

I was in my backyard with about ten friends playing football with a few hot girls watching.

Me and my best friend decided to show off in front of the girls. We came up with this awesome play that involved us both cross jumping and passing the ball in midair. Well, like most teenagers from ...

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Choose your words carefully!!

My husband and I went to car sales lot to browse one day.

The man and his guard dog ( a German Shepherd) came out to offer us some help.

The man's dog immediately came to me sniffing me all over and stopped at my 'crotch!' I kinda smiled and said he's sniffing my 'cat'... me t...

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Making a PEEline for the restroom

I was in the dillard's dept store one day with a friend,and we were going to the second Floor.

My friend started to make signs I thought he wanted me to look down stairs,but two women got my attention,when one had her hand over her mouth,and the other woman going around in a circle looking ...

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Thumb Tacks?!

my sister and I are completely opposite. She is very shy and I am the rebel.

We were driving from Utah to West Virginia and my sister realized she had forgotten to purchase some tampax pads for the trip. We were passing through a very small town with a little country store, and she needed...

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oops..wrong room!

This is a extremely true story that happened to me when i was newly married.

My beautiful new wife wanted to buy a new bathing suit before we went on our honeymoon, so a couple of days after the wedding we went shopping together to a local womens dress/casual clothes shop.


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Farting in public..never good..

One afternoon I was in Toys R Us with my 10 year old son and 11 year old daughter and I felt a fart coming on...

I thought it was going to be silent so I slowly let it go. Much to my embarassment, it was a real ripper! Needless to say, I didn't see the lady behind me.

My kids got ...

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