Future nudist in the making..


It was around the time, when I was four. I couldn't help myself.

In my neighborhood, there was a street right next to mine. I stripped off my clothes, and ran buck naked down to the next street. The cops had to bring me home.

After that had happened, the police told my dad to keep me in the house. So, my dad had to nail the windows, in my bedroom shut. But, I just snuck out the front door. Once again, I ran to the next street buck naked, and the cops had to bring me home.

The last time I did this, I knocked on my best friend's door, and asked her mom,if she could come out and play.The cops once again came,picked me up in their police car,and I was takin home.

Although it has been quite a few years,my mom still tells,allof my friends about it. I was 4 when that happened...I'm 13 now...I wonder what would have happened if I tried doing it again?!?
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