Embarrassing Other Stories

Stolen Underwear

My best friend and I went to South Carolina to meet her family.

I had met her brother once before and we kind of hit it off. The plans were for us to stay at her brothers house for the week. After 18 hrs of driving we finally made it there and we were both quite tired.

Her da...

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Church Cheekyness

I went to church with my family one sunday and we were all sitting in sunday school when i had to go to the bathroom.

I made it there no problem, but on the way back was a different story...I was walking down the aisle on my way to my seat when all of a sudden my skirt fell down in front o...

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Wetting yourself in public

Me and my ex-boyfriend went to Montgomery Mall one day. I have a bit of a bladder problem, and id just got finished drinking some juice when my boyfriend wanted to go to the store and buy some jeans for me.

So were going up the steps in the mall and i say "hey i have to pee", he said ok, bu...

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UnHappy Halloween

This happened when I was ten.

We were having Halloween Day at school,and I wanted to be a pirate because of a movie I had seen.

My girl cousin, who was a year younger than me, had decided to be a boy for Halloween, so my aunt called my mom to borrow some of my clothes. The next mo...

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Feeding the animals

I was at the zoo in Canada. They had an open field where assorted types of deer roamed free. They had a little food vendor set up for the animals. For one dollar you could purchase an ice cream cone full of feed.

I purchased my feed and was ambushed by the animals. They surrounded me. One ...

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Feeling sick at church

I was 10 at the time and I was in church.

I am catholic and when you are a certain age you have to do a religious thing called "communion" which is when you take this small piece of bread and eat it, it resembles (symbolically) the body of christ.

Anyways, I was feeling very sick t...

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Leaking at K-Mart

I was very pregnant with my daughter and because my labor wasn't progressing the Doctor suggested that I do some walking. So since Thanksgiving was just around the corner, my sister,mother and I went to K-Mart to do some shopping.

We were just walking next to the jewelry counter when my ...

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Mommies has batteries..

We had a large bar-b-que at my daughters house and my niece was there. She is a nursing student and was talking about medical terminology which included the male prostrate gland.

Her 7 year old son was playing and heard the word penis and came running over to the table and said, oh yeah, ...

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Hemorrhoid Cream

One night I had to take my husband into the emergency room and he wanted me to update his medical info while he went to the bathroom. Well, it was 4:00 in the morning and when I am overtired I can act a little goofy...

The secretary was asking me his insurance info,address and such. Well th...

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One mans trash...

My sister -in-laws and my mother-in-law use to go down to the neighborhood dumpster and dig out neat "treasures". It was in a high class neighborhood where many wealthy people would throw good items, because they bought new ones.

They have found tv's, vaccums, stereos, etc. One day they we...

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